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Natural life, natural enjoyment, created by Boyu

Guangdong Boyu Group Co.,ltd. Won China Patent Award

The president , legal representative of Guangdong Boyu Group Co.,Ltd., Yu Bingyan won the 16th China Patent Award by his utility model patent of “pumping device of water filtration treatment system for culture ponds”. 

As the new high-tech enterprise, Guangdong Boyu Group Co.,Ltd. are always concerned on construction and management of the intellectual property. Now it’s approved and encouraged by the China Patent Award this time. It’s  an important progress and success for Boyu Group during the research and development of gardening products, and this success is also as a symbol to show that Boyu Group is being upfront in the filed of development, scientific research and engineering capacity.

China Patent Award is the only one who grants the honor for patenting of innovation and creation. It is issued by an union of SIPO and WIPO, which is with important influence internationally and behalf of the top level of Chinese independent innovation. The appraisement standard not only requests the technology element and innovation level, but also regard the application of marketing transition progress. Besides, the standard also requests the terms for patent protections and managements.

China Patent Award creates China Patent Gold Medal, China Patent Excellence Award, China Design Gold Medal and China Design Excellence Award.